Mold's Protection

OxydIS method protects the products from the appearance of mold and bacteria. The long-tested method: effective, simple, with low costs. Try it


Chemical Free

For a long shelf life you do not need to use GAS, Alchol, Preservatives or additives in your dough.



Long Shelf Life

Laboratory tests have ascertained that by applying the OxydIS method, the shelf life of the product can reach over 90 days *

* the result depends on the type of product

No freezer ​​​​​​​- No fridge

Keep your product at room temperature. No need controlled temperature , Freezer or fridge machine.

Easy Freight

You can entrust your freight to simple couriers, you will not need cold rooms and you will reduce transport costs

Cool and Dry

it is the only condition that your warehouse must have. Storing your products will be easier and cheaper


THINK OUTSIDE the box...

Usually, we are used to following the crowd, but this is not necessarily as the best way. Oxydis's team has undertaken an alternative path able to distinguishes it from other known methods, creating a new method concerning the food preservation.



 ...Think Different     

The result obtained is a method that makes the use of of freezing or preservatives, GAS or alcohol to inhale in the packages,completely useless. The utilised method not involve the use of chemicals in the dough.

This not alterate product flavour and taste, even after several days ( over 90 days).

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Do you need extend your products 's shelf life ?

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  • to keep your food at surrounding temperature for long time ?
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