Our partners

Antonio Giordano

Pizza CHEF, Locanda San Cipriano owner.

Our history starts from the florin’s city, the beautiful Florence. We started to love cooking when, after a few months of college meal, we realized that with a normal kitchenette it was possible to create noteworthy dishes. “Better than eating at the canteen,” we thought. The inevitable “box” of delicatessen from the deep South allowed us to finally avoid the usual rice with the sauce....





Giorgio Toscano

Pizza CHEF, Pinsa Home owner.

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Giuseppe Vesi

Pizza CHEF, Pizzagourmet owner.

Master Pizzaiolo, proponent of gourmet pizza and witty researcher of the same, with his studies and research, as well as moved by a feeling of revenge for the affront to traditions, was the first to put the regular method of preparation back on the right path of pizza, re-embracing that key element that will also be the standard bearer of his successes and goals. He did not stop, so much so that he was the first to register the "PizzaGourmet" brand, collector of his ideas and his philosophy, which marry a combination of predetermined working techniques and the use of peculiar and typical products .
Thus was born PizzaGourmet by Giuseppe Vesi in 2012, a project studied for several years, which confirmed what were the expectations of the Master Pizzaiolo Giuseppe.

Lorenzo Durizzi

CHEF and Leone d'oro co-owner.

I am Lorenzo Durizzi, 51 years old and for 35 years I have been "frequenting" the kitchens and ovens of pizzerias ..
In our Telgate BG restaurant we have been treating food for gluten and lactose intolerant since 1998, but only in 2020 thanks to the pandemic did we decide to invest further to bring our quality product, gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan pizza throughout the national territory.
Thanks to the Partnership with Oxydis we have found what we needed to store and transport our product without worrying about the cold chain .. at room temperature!
If you haven't done it yet, go to our online shop and try them out!




Pasquale Moro

Pizza CHEF, La casa della pizza owner.

Pasquale Moro was born in Monza on January 17, 1982.

He grew up with two different cultures, his mother from Calabria and his father from Sardinia, two opposite characters and customs that make him a strong and resolute character. 

I remember when I was a child I used to make pizza with my mother. It was a party when we kneaded at home. I loved kneading, getting my hands dirty. I loved the smell of flour and tomato, the yeast. Creating something with my hands was my passion. And then, in the midst of a thousand other things, the day came when I heard myself asking this question: "Listen Pasquale, do you want to work? I have a pizzeria and I need a trusted person". From there, from that first "yes", it all began.



Valerio Torre

Pizza CHEF and Owner of  Torrettapizza.

Sicilian by origin, Lombard by adoption. Valerio Torre, born in 1987, starts kneading at the age of 13 in a small takeaway pizzeria in Varese, under the guidance of master pizza chef Paolino Bucca. He quickly became enthusiastic about "acrobatic" pizza, the art of spinning the dough in the air with technique and skill, like a real juggler. He participates in exhibitions, events and competitions and in 2014 he opens "Torretta Pizza", his first takeaway pizzeria in Azzate, in Varese province. Today Valerio Torre, like his pizzas rising for a long time before being ready to be taken out of the oven, has some important projects in the drawer that will see the light soon.




Nazzareno Rossi

Baker CHEF, Owner of  BAKERY PandelRe.

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Ugo Bassignani

CHEF and Owner of  L'Angolo del Pane.


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Davide Caruso

PizzaCHEF, Owner of  PizzaVia

My passion comes from “Cascina Doglione” farm, where I was born. A passion for local products! 

I began my career as a cook, then I left the kitchen to introduce myself to this profession and I opened my own pizzeria. 

PIZZEVIA!, a success. Pizza with organic flours and wine!


Antonio Follador

Chef and Owner of  Follador's bakery

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Matia Vinciguerra

PizzaCHEF, Owner of  CIKYMAYA

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