Following the slogan “Think Different", we have embarked on a completely different path if compared to what has been used, so far, in the “Food Storage" field. This places us on the food preservation methods market, avoiding the use of preservatives, GAS additives or chemical additives.


We are a young company, whose pivotal goal is to extend the conservation of food. After several attempts and years of study, collaborating with research laboratories, today we are proudly able to offer our conservation system.



We offer to our customers the possibility to keep their products at surrounding temperature, following our completely natural method. Depending on the type of product, the method can achieve a shelf life of over 90 days. No controlled temperature, no GAS to insert, no preservatives either additives in the dough.


 Mold problem

Molds are always ready to attack food. Thus, companies utilise different methods for keeping food fresh.

​​​​​​​ Think Different 

Use our system.  To obtain a long shelf life for your products there is not only the ATM system, alcohol addition or food freeze.

 Completly natural

A completely natural system without GAS, preservatives or additives in the dough, to keep your food at surrounding temperature for a long time.


The preservation of food has very ancient origins, as confirmed by studies and science. Our ancestors were able to avoid waste, organising and stock ing up for the toughest seasons, as well, in order to guarantee their family survival.

Keep in mind that today, as thousands of years ago, the factors hindering the food preservation are basically the same: humidity, oxygen, acidity, temperature. Indeed, bacteria need water and oxygen in order to proliferate, moreover preferring a temperated temperature and a neutral pH. Therefore, it is essential to inhibit these factors to preserve food as long as possible.

Partners, not clients

Our philosophy is to consider our customers as partners, focusing our policy in consolidating the established relationship, following and solving their problems. The customer becomes a partner in a constantly changing path. Keeping him updated on new developments, coming from us or other collaborators, ensures his participation in the project, constructing a relationship that goes beyond the simple supply..

Our partners